We are the ones

We are the ones
Who have lost our voice
Or never had one
Never thought we deserved one
Whose actions speak louder than our half-truths ever could
Eradicating the burden of choice

We are the ones
Who lose families, jobs, lives
Because we live in fear
Of pain, judgment, admitting weakness

We die because we can’t figure out how to let go
To live a life on terms we never agreed to
So we made our own
And struggle in silence, alone

Afraid of change
Terrified of staying the same
We fake and feign and fight
But by the day’s last light
We lose, we cry, we deny

Imagine surrendering without any guarantee of salvation, support
The stigma, shame, agonizing self-blame
That’s why we keep quiet
And cling on to hope
That we’ve got this, we’re strong
And nobody knows how desperately we feel like giving up all along

We are addicts, diseased, spurned by a society that causes us unease
Inside we’re crying
But all we let you see is us denying


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