OCD Update.

I haven’t felt this much relief from obsessing about – and then compulsively – plucking hairs out of my face and shaving my ‘sideburns’ and the back of neck…ever. Elephant’s dose of Prozac combined with Campral appears to be doing something (along with helping with a number of other obsessive-compulsive-craving things…alcohol, binge-purge cycle, exercise insanity). Don’t get me wrong, I still care and I still think about all of my ‘stuff’ A LOT and have to fight against acting on my thoughts, but the intensity of the impulse/urge is somewhat tempered. I don’t have to waste hours of my life engaged in some completely unnecessary routines anymore. Three cheers for meds.


One thought on “OCD Update.

  1. Elisa says:

    Better living through chemistry. Would not leave home without it. Actually….can’t leave the house without it!

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